To be considered a high power connector, a connector must be capable of carrying over 30 amperes of current. But what is a high power connector?

High Power Connector Defined

A high power connector allows for electrical current to pass through it. It supplies power to devices via this current. Types of high power connectors will vary, based on the need (or application), product type, and geographic location (you know this is you have journeyed abroad). They can be small and compact or large and hard to miss. Sometimes, they are built to connect a device to a power outlet. Sometimes, they connect two items together. Sometimes, they are removable – and sometimes, they are not.

High power connectors can carry AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current) power. Although high power connectors  vary, the use really doesn’t. They exist to transfer energy. There are many companies that offer them. One such company is Positronic (visit them at

high power connector

Another company making news in the area of high power connectors is Tesla Motors. As you can see from the preceding link, hey use high power connectors to charge their new Roadster. Using this, they claim that one may charge the roadster in as little as 4 hours and say that any certified electrician can install the wall connector unit. This is a great example of how a high power connector can have a big impact on people’s lives and the environment.